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Commercial litigation goes to the heart of your company’s bottom line. We constantly re-evaluate your risks and benefits during the course of litigation, providing you with timely and accurate information. You expect us to obtain the best possible legal solution when confronted with litigation. Equally important is your ability to exercise sound business judgment. By keeping you timely advised on the status of your case, you are better able to achieve sound commercial objectives, maximize results, and control costs.


Commercial litigation does not start with the filing of a complaint, it starts with an effective risk evaluation. We provide litigation plans, budgets, and client-driven analysis on all aspects of pending litigation to allow you to better manage outcomes and resolve disputes both before litigation commences and throughout the entire process.

Worth JarrelL is an Atlanta-based law firm committed to giving our clients sophisticated, professional, and impassioned representation to ensure success in their endeavors. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our Attorneys.



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