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If your employer has business with the federal government, then your employer is covered by a number of federal laws that govern how it must conduct its business with the government.

If you witness a fraud or illegal activity by your employer and you report this activity, you are protected by the False Claims Act, also known as qui tam law. In the event the government elects to take your case, you can receive a percentage of what the government collects from the employer.

In some cases, successful qui tam plaintiffs have received millions of dollars in recovery. There are a number of limitations imposed on Plaintiffs seeking to file a claim under the False Claims Act. If you believe you may have a claim under the False Claims Act, do not delay in contacting an attorney to discuss your rights under the law.

Worth JarrelL is an Atlanta-based law firm committed to giving our clients sophisticated, professional, and impassioned representation to ensure success in their endeavors. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our Attorneys.



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