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A limited liability company (LLC) is a type of business structure that combines the advantages of pass-through taxation with a corporation’s liability protections. Pass-through taxation means that the income of the LLC is only taxed at one level (as opposed to multiple levels of taxation on the income of corporations).

Like a corporation, the maximum liability exposure for owners (shareholders) of an LLC is generally capped at the amount of their investment. Additionally, LLCs are very useful structures because the laws give the owners vast flexibility in structuring management, taxation, and sharing of profits.

We assist our clients in focusing on their business goals and determining the ideal corporate structure to achieve those goals, whether an LLC or other structure. If an LLC is the desired structure, we guide our clients on how best to take advantage of the flexibilities offered by an LLC to best fit their business goals.

We present our clients with the many options offered by LLCs and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each with respect to their situation to help our clients make the appropriate elections. We offer the full range of services related to the life cycle of an LLC, from structuring and formation, to equity and debt financing of the ongoing business, to exit strategies, whether by dissolution and winding up or by acquisition.

Worth JarrelL is an Atlanta-based law firm committed to giving our clients sophisticated, professional, and impassioned representation to ensure success in their endeavors. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with one of our Attorneys.



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